What keeps me away from writing?

  1. Not having the time to write
  2. Not knowing what I will write about
  3. Having someone distract me
  4. Having email and text messages come in throughout the time
  5. Not having my computer with me
  6. Not having an internet connection
  7. Not having any coffee!
  8. Being worried about something else
  9. Having self-doubt about my abilities
  10. Having self-doubt about my knowledge
  11. Worrying what people will think about what I write
  12. Being too strict with what I need to write
  13. Not having bright enough light
  14. Day dreaming
  15. Being frustrated
  16. Running out of things to say
  17. Not having anything to write about
  18. Not having enough data to write about
  19. Worrying about my writing ability
  20. Editing too much along the way
  21. Stopping too soon
  22. Giving in to desires to do anything but write
  23. Wondering where this writing is going
  24. Not believing I have something useful to say
  25. Over analyzing

Time’s up. 5 minutes.


You make a good point, but...

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