What does it take to get me to write (to begin and/or to continue)?

  1. Uninterrupted time
  2. Some idea of what I will write about.
  3. A quiet place to write on my laptop
  4. An internet connection so I can write on my blog
  5. Coffee in my mug
  6. Bright enough light to see what I’m doing
  7. A computer that works
  8. Nothing really bothering me (or I can’t concentrate)
  9. Having enough to say
  10. Belief that what I’m doing is worthwhile
  11. Encouragement from my inner self
  12. The goal of being a prolific writer in my field in my mind
  13. Something useful to write about
  14. Having something to say
  15. Being mindful
  16. Not worrying about the timer
  17. Having my email and text message notifications turned off
  18. Blocking out any distractions
  19. Showing up
  20. Setting aside the time every workday
  21. Not letting anyone encroach upon that time
  22. Not worrying about what others think of me
  23. Not being timid in my writing (I am an expert)

Time’s up. 5 Minutes.


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