Excerpt from my resume. Click to see the whole document.

Excerpt from my resume. Click to see the whole document.

I feel it is very important to maintain awareness within this field. Continuing education is an important part of that continuing awareness. As I move from my graduate school experience into my professional career, there are certain things I will do to maintain awareness and keep up to date within the field. I have already been engaging in many of the following things, and I will continue to do so.

First, I will continue to follow and read relevant journals, not only in the overall library and information science field, but also in the more narrow fields of data curation and management. Relevant journals in the wider LIS profession I plan to follow are College and Research LibrariesLibrary Trends, Journal of Academic Librarianship, and Portal: Libraries and the Academy. Journals within my specific interest areas include Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, International Journal of Digital Curation, Journal of eScience Librarianship, Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship, and D-Lib Magazine.

In addition to following important journals within the field, I will continue to follow relevant research projects around the country that pertain to data curation librarianship. Examples of projects I currently and will continue to follow are the Data Curation Profiles project, the Data Information Literacy project, both out of Purdue University, the Frameworks for Data Management Education curriculum project out of University of Massachusetts Medical Center, and the DMVitals software development out of University of Virginia. I already have plans to implement parts of some of these projects in whatever job I end up. For example, I plan to use the Frameworks and the Data Information Literacy projects to develop data management curriculum for science students at my institution. I also plan to use the DMVitals tool to aid in data management consulting with researchers at my institution. I will also continue to follow the Digital Curation Center in the UK for their comprehensive guidance and set of tools. An additional resource out of the UK that I have already borrowed is the RDMRose training materials for training librarians. I have adapted the shorter version of their training program for my Research Data Management Workshop at the University of Tennessee Libraries.

Another way I will continue professional growth and career development is to publish articles, present posters, and give presentations about my research and accomplishments at my institution. You can read more about my future research agenda here. I have already presented posters, presented talks, and participated in panels at several conferences and research symposia. Not only will these experiences help me maintain awareness within the field, but they will also help with my name recognition within the field as I publish and present on my research.

Even if I do not present my research at a conference, there are some conferences that I hope to attend regularly, such as the American Society for Information Science and Technology national conference, the International Digital Curation Conference, and the Digital Library Federation Forum.

One final way I will continue to contribute to my career field is to volunteer in leadership capacities in the professional organizations I am a member of. I have already begun doing this. I joined the American Society for Information Science and Technology, and aligned with the Digital Libraries Special Interest Group. I participated in a session they hosted at last year’s ASIS&T Conference in Baltimore designed to showcase the work of students and early career professionals. This year, I am chair of the planning committee for this year’s ASIS&T Conference in Montreal.