What aspects of writing do I really enjoy?

  1. Seeing words on paper (or screen)
  2. Crafting intelligent sentences
  3. Knowing I can write well
  4. Expressing myself eloquently
  5. Seeing something useful develop
  6. Getting thoughts out of my head and onto paper
  7. Giving a voice to that inner voice
  8. Believing that I am a good writer
  9. Thinking through what I will say
  10. Being able to debate word order and sentence order and word choice
  11. Developing a theme in my writing
  12. Letting my voice develop
  13. Letting my style develop
  14. Seeing improvement
  15. The time alone with my thoughts
  16. The coffee sitting in my mug :)
  17. Learning something new about what I’m writing about
  18. Producing something that someone else will read and enjoy
  19. Producing something that will give me name recognition
  20. Producing something that will help my career (tenure, promotion, etc.)
  21. Producing something that maybe only I will enjoy
  22. Having a mode to express myself

Time’s up. 5 minutes.


You make a good point, but...

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