What aspects of writing to I especially dislike?

  1. Not having something to say
  2. Sometimes feeling like what I’m writing is not good
  3. Worrying that I will not have enough to write about to really help my career
  4. Not being able to remember words I want to use
  5. Not knowing the right word to use
  6. Getting my words and sentences out of order
  7. Getting negative feedback (though it makes my writing better)
  8. Worrying that I have to write something constantly during my writing time
  9. Sometimes feeling like my writing time is a burden
  10. The pressure of being a prolific writer
  11. Worrying that what I write will be dismissed as unimportant
  12. Wishing I could speak as well as I write (Toastmasters will help that)
  13. Editing something that I spent alot of time write down to much smaller
  14. Not being able to find the right words to use

Time’s up. 5 minutes


You make a good point, but...

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