How much time and resources have I dedicated lately to improving my writing?

I feel like I have devoted alot of time, effort, and resources to improving my writing lately. I’ve read through books such as On Writing Well by William Zinsser, Writing to Learn by William Zinsser, They Say / I Say, The Practical Stylist, How to Write Alot, and Becoming an Academic Writer. Now, I just need to put the skills I have learned into practice. The book, Becoming an Academic Writer looks like it will be the most useful one I’ve read. Then TSIS will be useful too.

I’ve also asked people to review my writing on one occasion when I wrote a research project proposal. Their comments made that proposal so much better.

I’ve also enrolled in Toastmasters. Although it is mainly for public speaking, I feel like it will help my writing, too.

I’ve also started a writing group here at UT. We meet for the first time next week. This will keep me accountable and improve my writing at the same time.

In all, I do feel like I’ve devoted adequate resources and time to improving my writing. I’ve devoted much more than most people, I’m sure. The simple fact that I write everyday for 30 minutes will put me leaps ahead of the others in the writing group, I’m sure.


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