Spring 2014 Semester Plan

I need a plan to get through this semester. There is so much going on that I need to plan and budget my time accordingly. There are two workshops that I need to develop, which are already on the calendar. I am letting Eric (with my input), design another workshop. I have research projects to work on. I have classes to teach and books to buy for COAD. I have reference desk shifts to take care of. And then there are vacations.

I need to sit down and develop a weekly plan for how I will get things done. I feel like I’ve been spinning my wheels for the last month and not getting much accomplished. It’s fixable though — I just need to buckle down. I look forward to this writing time each day, so this is time I will protect. Eventually, when I have more research to write about, I might even increase it to an hour of writing time daily (just work days, not weekends). I already have No-Meeting Mondays and No-Meeting Fridays. This is good time to get planning and preparation done. Those days are precious. I do not make exceptions to those days without careful consideration.

Today, my task is to develop a weekly plan that, of course, will need to be adjusted week by week, but that will give me an overall framework to follow. Until then…


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