Data Practices of Agricultural Researchers Project

I feel like this project is moving along at a snail’s pace. That’s the downside of collaboration. I thought of doing the project with just Peter, but then eventually, we added Miriam Davis and Shea Swauger. It really is making the project better — I don’t deny that — but it really making it move slowly. I hope we can get the questionnaire nailed down soon so we can get IRB approval. We need data by mid-March to have time to do some analysis on it so we have something to present at the USAIN conference (assuming we get selected). We might not get selected, and that will relieve some of the pressure, but I still want the project to get finished. It’s a good project, and will likely benefit the field. I need to devote some time to it. Miriam has, so far, taken the lead on creating the questionnaire. Peter has started some IRB paperwork. I need to find out the answers to some of our Qualtrix questions and then I’ll create the survey online when it’s ready.


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