Why is My New Career Suited for Me?

There are many reasons my new career is much better suited for me than engineering ever was. As an engineer, I never cared. I never learned more on my own. I took what I learned at GT, and learned just what I needed to learn on the job to get by. Other engineers who really cared would learn more on their own by reading and studying. Not me. When 5 o’clock (or 4 o’clock) came, I was out the door not to think about that job until the next morning. And I even when whole days at work not doing a single thing job related.

But in my new career, librarianship, it is a much different situation. I learn on my own, outside of work! I attend conferences, I read articles, I read books, I watch videos, I take courses, I reach out and network with other important people in my field (notice how I said “other important people”? I am important, too). I am making a name for myself in this world. I want to make a good name, so I don’t want to jump into something that will give me a bad reputation. No, I want to be thought of as the best researcher in this field.

I love how this job lets me do what I love to do. I have the flexibility to do what I want when I want to do it, and when I’m tired of doing that thing, move on to something else. I’ll get back to the other thing eventually. That’s the Renaissance Soul in me. My boss gives me the autonomy to get the job done. She trusts me to do it with little supervision. This empowers me to do the job well, because I am given authority. I never had that as an engineer. I always had to go through my boss to make any major decision. That didn’t give me any incentive to be a “go getter,” as my boss once said he wanted me to be. Go get what? Why should I go get something when you’re going to second guess me and make me walk it back every time?

Anyway, this new career has given me the freedom to do what I am good at, and for that reason, I am excelling everyday. I will continue to excel as long as that is the case. I really enjoy my workplace, too, and the people here. They all are very supportive (well, most of them). They encourage me to be better. They support my initiatives. They all count me as equals. I am a colleague now.

That is why my new career is so well suited for me.


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