2o13 Year In Review, Part I


The month began with a trip to Providence, Rhode Island, for an interview for the Scientific Data Curator position at Brown University. Providence is a pretty little city with a nice river running through the middle (I think the Providence River). Brown University was a pretty campus, though not as pretty as I was expecting it to be. I guess I had a picture of an Ivy League campus in my mind, and Brown just didn’t live up to it.

Later in January, I traveled to Amsterdam for the International Digital Curation Conference. I present a poster on conducting a data management audit of scientific research groups, which was from my project at NCAR the previous summer. I came down with a cold while I was in Amsterdam, which made the jet lag even more difficult. When I finally arrived in Knoxville after having been en route for over 12 hours, I couldn’t actually get to my house because of bad snow. Thankfully, friends who live close to the airport were able to come get me and let me stay at their house for the night.

The next morning, I spoke to the HR manager at Brown, and she offered me the job. I told her I would need a few days, which I really didn’t, because I knew I was going to turn down the offer if they made one. I called her back the next week and turned it down. I do feel sorry for the folks at Brown because they’ve had a really tough time filling that position, and I really don’t know why.


This month was rather uneventful. Elizabeth and I attended a Robert Burns Night Supper at some friends’ house, which was alot of fun. Later in the month, I heard from Virginia Tech, and they wanted me to come for an interview in late March. I knew I could be getting that call, so stayed on top of my school work so I wouldn’t fall behind.


During this month, UT advertised their Data Curation Librarian position. I had been waiting for that for a few months. I knew this is the job I wanted. Later in March, I went to Virginia Tech for an interview for the Research Data Librarian position. It was a great visit and a great campus. I really enjoyed it, but I still knew that I didn’t want to accept a position since I knew UT’s position was open. I was offered the position, which I subsequently turned down. We also traveled to Virginia Beach to visit Pat, Patty, Charlie, and Emily. That was a great visit.


We ran the Covenant Health 5k in early April, which was alot of fun. Later in April, we flew to Virginia to attend Elizabeth’s cousin’s wedding in Hampton. That was alot of fun, but very fast.


I had my long-awaited interview at UT on May 22. This was the day that could make or break my future career. It went really well, as did the other two interviews had already been on.


I WAS OFFERED THE POSITION AT UT!! This was the best day I’ve had since my wedding day! The rest of this month was pretty quiet as I was not going to start the job until July 1. We also traveled to Lexington for a few days since Elizabeth was presenting at a conducting workshop at the University of Kentucky.


I began my job at UT.


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