Annotated Bibliographies

I’ve written two annotated bibliographies for classes over the last two years. I wouldn’t have written them if they weren’t required assignments. While writing them, I wasn’t exactly happy about it, but I came to really enjoy those assignments. They helped me to thoroughly understand the topics. I wouldn’t call myself an expert on these two topics, but I certainly know alot more than I did. It really helped me in my job interviews to be able to speak intelligibly about those topics.

The first annotated bibliography I wrote was for Dr. Allard’s 651 class. The topic was Data Set Citation, Publication, and Peer Review. It contains 19 resources. The other annotated bibliography I wrote was for Dr. Zhu’s 565 class. The topic was Appraisal and Selection of Digital Data. It contains 12 resources. One of the goals I set for this year was two complete two more annotated bibliographies, which I will post on this website. If I can write two each year, it will really help me stay abreast of the developments in my field.

One topic I am interested in now is data management. I believe writing an annotated bibliography on this topic would help me in many ways.


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