PDAC Lunch on December 16, 2013

This post is part of the “New Writing Habit” series in which I attempt to write about something for one hour every work day.

I was invited as the guest speaker for the Proposal Development Across Campus Lunch at the Office of Research and Engagement. The lunch was yesterday. I presented a short Prezi that I had prepared that talked a little about the history of why we’re talking about data management now, what all the new requirements mean for PIs, and how we in the libraries can help. Then I left them with a few take-aways to take back to their faculty. The response I received was overwhelmingly positive. Everyone was very glad I came to talk to them, and many were unaware that I was even there in the library and that we provide these services to researchers. Their questions mostly centered around what the requirements are for data management plans, which are probably changing soon. They asked about where they could store data. I told them I could help researchers find the most appropriate place to store data, but we are also working on an in-house solution.

In all, the lunch talk/discussion went very well. The Director of the Faculty Development Team was there, and she later told me she’d like for me to have a part in the grant writing workshops she will be doing, as well as have a block of time in the grant writing institute they do each summer. That was very encouraging. Now, I hope the people who heard me speak will take the information back to their faculty and encourage them to get in touch with me early enough in the project so I can help them out.


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