What Can I Say in 15 Minutes?

This post is part of the “New Writing Habit” series in which I attempt to write about something for one hour every work day.

I have 15 minutes left in my first one-hour writing session. What can I say? I can talk about how delicious my coffee is (it is quite delicious). I could say how thankful I am for my new office (it’s wonderful having a door that will close). I could say how excited I am about getting to spend several days with my family for Christmas. But what I think I will say is how excited I am about the new writing habit that I have undertaken. Well, to call it a habit at this point is optimistic. It’s the start of forming a new habit.

The author of the book that got this thing started said that if I set aside the time to write daily, then I will be very surprised at how much I will be able to get done. And by very surprised, he said I will be astonished. And by astonished, he said I will be completely astounded. Apparently, if you just sit down and write regularly, you can get alot of it done. I have seen that so far today. This is the fourth blog post that I’ve written in this one-hour block. At this point, I don’t have any academic writing to do — no data to analyze and no articles to write — so I’m just writing in my blog. But when I do have data to analyze, which he said I can count towards my writing time, and articles to write, I already see how this block of dedicated writing time will do wonders for my productivity. As I said in an earlier post, my goal is to become the most prolific and productive writer of all practicing librarians. That goal won’t be easy to reach, but someone has to be the most productive, right? I don’t see why that can’t be me. I already have many irons in the fire that could potentially lead to published articles. Until I have something academic to write, I’ll just write alot on this blog. If you’re reading this blog, get ready to see a flurry of posts.

Maybe I could apply this new habit to exercise. Eh. Who am I kidding? There’s the alarm. The first hour of writing is in the books.


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