The Start of a New Habit

This post is part of the “New Writing Habit” series in which I attempt to write about something for one hour every work day.

This is the start of a new habit. After reading How to Write Alot, I have decided to try what it recommends doing — that is, setting aside a block of time daily to write. The author whose name escapes me now (and I’m not looking it up right now to keep the writing focus!) says that you can’t “find time to write.” You must “make time to write.” I can see what he means. It’s like finding time to exercise. It just doesn’t happen. So, starting today, December 16, 2013, I am setting aside one hour every working day to write. What will I write about? I don’t know, but I will write about something. Eventually, I hope to have something to write that will move my research agenda forward, but for now, it will have to just be block posts about nothing.


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