I Can Tell Things are Picking up

I had a nice almost two-month period to ease into my new job since I started July 1st and students didn’t show up for Fall semester until August 21st. But in the period since classes started, I have seen a noticeable uptick in activity for my data management services and also my liaison responsibilities (to the College of Architecture and Design). I’ve been working my way into faculty meetings in various departments around campus to let everyone know first, that I exist, and second, what I can do for them. I’ve been contacted by at least 4 architecture students seeking help in finding sources for an assignment.

Later this Fall, I will be hosting a one-day workshop called Data Management Basics. It will be offered to graduate students in the College of Engineering, Arts and Sciences, and the Institute of Agriculture. My plan is to contact faculty and specifically ask them to recommend 2 – 3 graduate students that they would like to attend this workshop. Then I’ll contact the students and invite them, with some sort of line like “You have been recommended to participate in this workshop…” Maybe that will increase attendance and interest.

It’s exciting to be involved in so much interesting work. I look forward to getting even more involved in the research enterprise here at UTK.


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