First Day on the Job: Info Overload then Smooth Sailing

Today is my first day on the job at the University of Tennessee Libraries as Assistant Professor and Data Curation Librarian. I’m very excited to get started. It’s a bit overwhelming thinking of all the things I need to learn and want to do over the next several months. But as my wife said this morning, when I start to get overwhelmed or frustrated, remember that this is a new job doing something I’ve never done before, so there will be a learning curve. Relax!

I spent all morning in orientation for new hires. We went over all the information for insurance, retirement, etc. It was alot of information to absorb, but they did a pretty good job of explaining it all to us. Now, my wife and I need to sit down and decide how we want to do the insurance and retirement accounts. We need to decide if it’s better for her to come under my insurance. I think it will be cheaper for us to both be under UT’s insurance.

We also need to decide if we want to open a Roth 401K or traditional 401K. I’m leaning towards the Roth 401K since I have so long since I will be needing that money. Tax free money looks pretty good right now.

I was shown my office, and since about 1 pm, I’ve been just reading up on things Holly sent me and chilling out. I will be pretty busy probably pretty soon, so I am enjoying the breather while I can.


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