Future Research Agenda

I am interested in scientific data management and curation. I am especially interested in data management as it relates to engineering research and data. I am passionate about instilling sound data management and stewardship best practices into our science and engineering students as they learn their science, because that is the way to ensure scientists manage data well throughout their careers.

Examples of potential research topics include: 1. studying the existing data management understanding of graduate students at my institution. Once that information is obtained, I would study how to inject the data life cycle and data stewardship into the curriculum of science programs, 2. Studying data publication, peer review, and citation of data sets and encouraging data set sharing among researchers, and 3. Developing training courses that teach researchers about data management.

I plan to continue attending conferences and presenting on my work. I hope to go to two major conferences each year with a paper or poster to present.

Additionally, I plan to implement training courses at my institution to teach things such as data management best practices, data citation and publishing, metadata, using data repositories, and preparing data management plans.


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