My New Job

UTWorkmarksALLI was just offered (and I accepted, of course) the position of Data Curation Librarian at University of Tennessee Libraries. This is the position that I have been wanting for over a year. When my wife and I decided that we really wanted to stay in Knoxville, I set my sights on getting a job at UT. When I first broached the topic with Holly Mercer at UT, she was very unsure of what the prospects for a data curation related position would be at UT in the near future. Then, as time went on over the Fall, 2012, semester, the prospects began to brighten: the library had a budget meeting and decided to hire someone, the committee was formed, the job was posted, and I applied for it.

In the meantime, I had been applying for other jobs, too. One at an Ivy League institution and another at a fine engineering institution. Each of them invited me for face-to-face interviews and then offered me the job. Knowing UT’s position was also in the works, I declined these two offered. That was a very hard decision. I was passing up two very good offers for something that may not come to be. Well, all that waiting and hoping paid off when they called me this week and offered me the job. My wife and I both are elated and just can’t stop smiling! I start my new job July 1st as Data Curation Librarian at University of Tennessee Libraries.


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