The End is Here

Well, I finally made it. I am graduating from University of Tennessee in four days. It almost feels surreal. Grad school certainly has flown by. And it has been an incredible experience, to say the least. I never had so much fun learning about any topic at Georgia Tech as I had learning about the world of library and information science.

First, if it weren’t for my then-fiance-now-wife hearing the NPR story on Stanford University’s engineering library, then I would probably still be a civil engineer. Next, if it weren’t for Jeanine Williamson referring me to Carol Tenopir, then I wouldn’t have learned about the DCERC program. And then, if it weren’t for the DCERC program, I would have not known about data curation. Now, I’m prepared to enter this new career well-equipped.

I am currently applying for jobs. Actually, I applied for my first job early last October (2012). It was at Brown University. Then I applied for a job at Virginia Tech in late October. I had phone interviews and on-campus interviews at both institutions. Both institutions offered me a job, but since I wanted to try to get the job at UT (which at that time, still had not been advertised), I declined them. I also applied for jobs at University of Rochester and Johns Hopkins. I withdrew from Rochester before I got a phone interview because I decided I didn’t want to live in Rochester, NY. Then I withdrew from Johns Hopkins because I decided I didn’t want to work there. The job at UT finally came open and I applied for it in mid-March, 2013. I have since applied for jobs at Colorado State University and Virginia Commonwealth University. My fingers are still crossed that I’ll get the job at UT so my wife and I can stay in Knoxville, but we’ll move to Fort Collins or Richmond if I don’t.

Wherever I end up, I am sure that I will enjoy my new career. I have certainly enjoyed learning about it.