Product 2: DMPTool Review for Public Services Quarterly

Excerpt from the review

Excerpt from the review. Click to see the entire column.

Introduction and Background

I contributed a review of the DMPTool (used for creating data management plans for grant proposals) to the “Internet Resources” column of Public Services Quarterly. The column for Winter, 2012,was dedicated to resources related to data curation. I suggested three options that I could review, the DMPTool, the e-Science Portal for New England Librarians, and Digital Curation 101 (an online, self-paced “how-to” course in digital curation). The column editor asked me to review the DMPTool. She liked my other two suggestions and assigned them to other reviewers.

Why is it Useful for Librarians?

Librarians can offer to assist the faculty they serve with their data management needs by helping them complete the DMPTool questionnaire. This collaboration can not only build goodwill between the library and its patrons, but also provide an opportunity to encourage strong data management practices from the beginning stages of a project, which is important for curation of the data sets.

Why Did I Write the Review?

I decided to write this review for two reasons. First, it had been by goal to have at least one published article by graduation. I did not care if this was a peer reviewed article, but just that it was something that I wrote published in a journal, i.e. not simply a blog post. This seemed like an excellent opportunity to get that article published. Second, I wanted to learn more about the DMPTool itself. I had studied it briefly in my Foundations of Data Curation course, but I did not have first hand experience creating data management plans with it. Writing this review provided me the opportunity to use the DMPTool up close and see how it worked.

What Did I Learn While Researching and Writing the Review?

First, as mentioned earlier, I certainly learned how to use the DMPTool. It also helped me learn how to write succinctly, as the column had to convey a lot of information in less than 500 words. This was a challenge, as there was much I wanted to say about the tool. In the end, I feel that I created a useful tool for librarians who want to learn more about data curation.

What Would I do Differently Next Time?

I am quite pleased with this review, considering it was the first review of any resource I have ever done. Consequently, there is nothing I would do differently next time.

How Will This to my Future Career?

In my future career as a data curation librarian, I will be assisting researchers with crafting data management plans for their grant proposals, so it was helpful for me to see how to use the DMPTool. Creating the review of this tool was helpful in that it provided an opportunity to write for a published journal. The experience of researching, writing, and reviewing was educational and makes me more comfortable now with publishing a peer reviewed article.