Data Analytics Assignment 2 Reflections

I turned in my assignment 2 for data analytics last week. This one was pretty straightforward, but still not without problems. We were to create a database and take in data from some files Dr. Wang provided to us. I had a little trouble getting my data model set up properly, but I was able to get through those problems pretty easily. It turned out to be data type problems. I then imported my data and had a little trouble there, too. Again, I think it was data type problems. Once I worked out all the data type issues, the data imported easily. Now the hard part — converting a letter grade to a number grade. This was difficult because I was still not familiar enough with SQL to get it to do what I wanted it to do. I took the database to Dr. Wang and she showed me how to go about it.

This assignment was educational as I was able to learn more SQL skills and learn how to prepare data for a data analytics project.