Data Analytics Assignment 1 Reflections

I turned in my data analytics assignment 1 last week. We had to choose a data set context and talk about what can be done with it, i.e. what kind of questions it can answer. I had a hard time choosing a data context. I didn’t exactly know what I was doing. I chose the data from the University of Tennessee student records. But now that I had my data context, I had to decide what it could tell me. This was the most difficult part because looking at the data was pretty overwhelming. I had a hard time seeing the data and being able to see what could be answered from them. It didn’t help that I am still unfamiliar with how databases work, so it was hard to tell the structure of the database. But I continued to study the data and finally began to see what I could do with it. It was as though a light came on and I had my data analytics filter on. This was a turning point for me. At this point I was able to see myself as a data analyst.