584 Databases: Exercise 1 Results

I completed exercise 1 today on Bb, and the results aren’t good. It’s clear that I need to go back and reread Chapters 1 and 2. I obviously didn’t pick up all the details. My score was 22/30. I missed 7 questions (one was 2 points). That’s not acceptable. I’ll go back and reread those chapters and retake the test to improve my score.

The second time around, I scored a 27/30. This time, I only missed two questions (one was 2 points). The questions I missed are the following:

  1. Which organizational function should set database standards? I said “technical services,” but the answer was “none of the above.” I went back and checked and it’s the database administrator whose job is to set database standards. This makes sense as they are the ones with database knowledge.
  2. The most common source of database failures in organizations is. I said “lack of planning,” but the answer was “failure to implement a strong database administration function.” This makes sense because databases require continued monitoring and administration through their lives.

I took the test again a third time, and this time scored 30/30. I’m satisfied that I fully understand all the questions and answers now.