Database Management Systems – Goals

This Fall (2012), I’m taking the Database Management Systems course with Dr. Wang. It is going to be a challenging course, but I am excited about the challenge and learning a new skill. Dr. Wang asked us to set our goals for the semester. She laid out three levels of learning we could shoot for:

  1. Literacy: this is the bare minimum we should know in this class. It will allow someone to have minimal knowledge about databases so they can understand what someone is saying when they’re talking about databases.
  2. Adequacy: this is where she said she wants everyone to get to at a minimum. This level will allow someone make tables, set relationships, query information and debug.
  3. Proficiency: this is the level I’m going to shoot for because of my background as an engineer and my ease of learning new software concepts. This level will allow me to add tables, modify models, and run advanced queries.

So, my goal for this semester is to reach proficiency with database management systems. The course will be based on Microsoft Access, but I am going to try to learn MySQL, as well, since I think it’s more advanced and better suited for enterprise situations.