CURATEcamp 2012

On May 6-7, I will be attending CURATEcamp 2012 at Georgia Tech. CURATEcamp is an unconference, which means the schedule and agenda is not determined ahead of time. The attendees decide what to talk about on the spot. People propose talks, demonstrations, round tables, and panels on whatever topic they feel like offering. This year, I plan to propose a talk or round table about data management education for researchers and students. I plan to base the talk on the Frameworks for a Data Management Curriculum developed by the Lamar Soutter Library at UMass Medical Center and the George Gordon Library at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I will probably also talk about the DM curriculum developed by DataONE and the one under development by a group at Purdue led by Jake Carlson. I contacted the PI on the Frameworks project at UMass Medical Center and told her I am planning to talk about their project. I also asked if I could write up a synopsis of the meeting for the e-Science Community blog. She was excited to hear about that and said that I could write a synopsis for the blog.