591 Data Curation: Assignment 2

We received our grades for Assignment 2 for Foundations of Data Curation. I got a 17/20. I was expecting a higher grade than that, but apparently, I missed some of the assignment’s requirements. We were supposed to talk about our chosen data standard, its history, strengths, weaknesses, and stuff like that. I didn’t talk about mine as much as I should have. I should have found alot more information on TEI and spoken at length about it. I understand what I did wrong.

Another thing the instructor mentioned was that I wasn’t quite right on my explanation of the Semantic Level. I said at the semantic level, the document was a book by an author. He said I should have described the semantics of TEI, not the book. So at the semantic level, it is the meaning of the TEI elements. I’ve asked for more clarification, because I’m still not clear on this concept.