Core Concepts Integration for ePortfolio

The ePortfolio Ad-hoc Committee decided that the first part of the eportfolio must include an intergration of three core concepts applied to a real world scenario. Each concept must come from one of the three core course. I plan to chose my three concepts and apply them to data curation. The three concepts I’ve chosen to use and how they fit into data curation are as follows:

Information Access (510)

Information access is a core concept of librarianship. Similarly, data curation is concerned with preserving access to important data for the long term and sharing it among the scientific community. This core concept from 510 speaks directly to that goal of data curation.

Metadata (520)

Metadata is described as information about information or data about data. In order for the data to be preserved and useful for the long term, it must have appropriate and adequate metadata. This concept from 520 is the foundation for this practice.

Collection Development (530)

Institutions must decide which data sets it wants to keep and why. Then, data curation specialists must decide which data sets match the criteria laid out by the institution. It’s the same as a collection development policy for books. The concept from 530 is the general underlying foundation for data set appraisal and selection.