ePortfolio Ad-Hoc Committee and Public Speaking

Dr. Wang asked me to be the student representative on the ePortfolio Ad-Hoc Committee. The other members are Dr. Wang, Dr. Bilal, Dr. Mehra, and Cindy Lancaster. I was honored to be selected and offered this position. We had our first meeting on February 15, 2012, in which we talked about the new standards for ePortfolio, Pilot II. We talked about how the new eportfolios would be judged and what they should include. But this post isn’t about the meeting or the committee. It’s about my personal goals to improve in one area that I lack — public speaking.

It was very educational to see these professionals at work in that meeting throwing around ideas and choosing just the right word to convey their thought. It gives me a goal to achieve for myself — to increase my effectiveness with the written and spoken work. I’ve always felt like I write much better than I speak. In writing, I can stop, ponder, and choose the right word. One doesn’t have this luxury when speaking in public. The right words need to be there quickly. However, sometimes, I just can’t find the word my brain is looking for. The concept is there, but the word is just not. I know I can overcome this with practice, patience, and increased confidence. My wife and I plan to join Toastmasters this summer or fall and work on our public speaking skills.