I’m Sitting Pretty Well

I read an article called “The Last Mile: Liaison Roles in Curating Science and Engineering Research Data,” by Tracy Gabridge. It was very exciting to see the potential data liaison personas she listed:

  • A subject liaison with a domain-specific education and work experience in a field such as civil engineering or chemistry.
  • A subject liaison with no domain-specific expertise, but with excellent analytical and technical skills who has a passion for understanding and manipulating data.
  • A researcher in the life sciences who fell into managing data for a lab because they were the only one available to do it and they find the work enjoyable.
  • A newly minted Masters of Science candidate from a library and information science program with a specialization in research data curation.

The phrases and words in bold are those that I already have or will have when I graduate. So, in my opinion, I’m sitting pretty well.