Repositories Workshop Reflections

In November, 2011, I attended a workshop at the Library of Congress called Repositories in Science and Technologies. The Repositories workshop was designed to showcase various successful repositories throughout the world. The workshop opened with a history of repositories, their purpose, and some thoughts on the future of data repositories. Then, various presenters talked about individual repositories: how they work and the types of data they accept. Finally, the discussion centered around how to develop consistent standards among repositories.

I enjoyed myself, especially since I didn’t have any prior knowledge of repositories. It was good to get my feet wet, especially since it wasn’t overly technical. I made a couple of contacts with people that might serve useful later. The only criticism was that by the end of the day, the workshop began to get tedious. Speech after speech and very few breaks. I would have designed the workshop differently. I would have put breaks strategically throughout the day and allowed the attendees to move around. This would have made it flow more quickly.