Research Methods Assignment 2

I’ve been working on my assignment 2 for Research Methods class. This class is pretty interesting, because I’ve never considered how much theory there is behind research. I don’t come from a research background — engineering is very applied. Assignment 2 is to establish a research area that we’re interested in and begin to dive into the literature. Then we must write up a short (1000-1500 words) proposal stating what we would like to research. I’ve chosen civil engineers use of scholarly literature. From what I’ve seen, not much, if any, has been written about civil engineers, specifically. There have been other studies of engineers overall or of high-tech engineers. I think this needs to be studied. I’m having a hard time knowing how deeply I need to go into the literature. I’ve always wondered this. Do you read everything or just skim it? This is what I’m hoping this class will make clear to me as time progresses.